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About Alamin Chowdhury

alamin chowdhury
Presently residing in Dhaka, Alamin Chowdhury is one of the top Internet Marketing Professionals working in and for various Internet Marketing forums, like - Digitalpoint Forum , Webmasterserve Forum, and many other forums like such. 

Alamin is mainly working with direct clients from USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands and Australia. Besides Internet Marketing Services, Alamin is also providing all kinds of Personal/Virtual assistance and Web Research services to his clients via his strongly skilled virtual team.

Alamin Chowdhury is also an avid blogger who enjoys writing articles on Celebrities,Entertainment,SEO & Internet Marketing niche. He is also an SEO & Internet Marketing Specialist in Bangladesh. 

He is also serving as a professional SEO trainer in the country's renowned IT training institute:

What Alamin says about his course & students:
I always try to give my students an understanding of as many online marketing techniques as I can so that they will be prepared for their careers.  However, as you know, things change.  What I teach today may be extinct tomorrow, however, having an understanding of all marketing techniques & opportunities available gives students the chance to recognize them when needed in the working world.  SEO is vital, but so is content.  And, SEO is important, not only online, but for mobile marketing as well.
Alamin is also one of the top Freelancer Award Winners in the year 2011 (An event organized by BASIS to reward country's top IT professionals providing ITES). 

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