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Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Blogging Is Dead – The End Of Spam Guest Posting

spam guest blogging dead
Before you start reading this article let me tell you something about it – It’s going to be a bit longer, will certainly cover up important and handy information and back to back expert’s opinions and thoughts about the issue. If you are a guest blogger or have been doing guest blogging for a while for the sole purpose of SEO or Link Building, it is time for a hard break.

If you hate Matt Cutts then you will hate him once more for saying guest blogging as a whole is now dead, on his personal blog. Certainly by that he meant guest blogging was a great and respectable link building practice for SEO purposes, but the SEO spammers have made it too spammy now and destroyed the space. He said, unless you know the person personally or willing to vouch for, only allow guest posts for/from them, but don’t response to offers from people you don’t know or who try to bribe you or contribute in any format. 

Here is the Matt Cutt's Tweet Snapshot:

matt cutts guest blogging

What I personally think is that there are still plenty of solid reasons one should go for guest blogging and these include branding, community, visibility and exposure, increased audience reach, etc. However, people whose link building strategy is only based on guest posting or blogging should stop now and think of coming with something more natural.

Why is Google after Guest Blogging?

As discussed above, there are plenty of spam and low quality sites who are on to this guest blogging as their sole link building practice for better rankings in Search Engine. Many spammy and manipulated attempts have been going on using guest blogging technique. This is why Google will now take action against hundreds of buyers, dozens of websites/blogs and low quality writers/bloggers. So what will happen to the small sites that are only earning by publishing guest posts (certainly paid for it or dofollow link exchange)? 
end of guest blogging

Well, so far my knowledge Google is just trying to remove that potential income stream on which these sites were relied upon and to diminish their visibility in the search engine results. Therefore, according to Google - guest post link spamming is a terrible activity because it is an attempt to influence search rankings.

Let us look at a terrible example:

guest blogging dead
A few months back a guy emailed me saying my blog’s topic matches with his and he wants to write up a unique guest post on my blog. He added that the article will be about my blog’s reader’s interest, but he would just need a Dofollow link pointing back to one of his article pages. I denied. He replied back offering 30$ for the article, I thought what’s bad in the deal ….. He gave me the article copy with the link inside and I just published it. I waited a few months until I saw my readers commenting that the link inside the article was taking them to an adult page where they should not have landed. I immediately checked and found that the landing page has been changed to something you don’t really want your loyal visitors to visit. 

What to do now? Nothing… because the damage to my site is done. From here, I learned a lesson that all links from guest posting should be made Nofollow unless the author is someone known to me or could be clearly trusted.

+Alamin Chowdhury's take on the issue:

alamin chowdhury
Frankly speaking, this is just a form of advertisement that happens in an agreement between one site and the other. But still, sometimes seeing all those crappy sites occupying the top positions in the search results, I get to think if Google’s algorithm can really differentiate between paid links and real ones. The way I see it now, in the near future, backlinks will certainly lose its value, which are not obtained naturally, and people even won’t pay for them anyway. The reason I am telling this is that Russia’s popular search engine Yandex has removed links as a ranking factor from their algorithm. Due to massive link spamming, the company had to make this decision. The cause guest posting won’t work the same way it used to is because companies are trying to guest post on unrelated blogs.

My best advice would be not to accept guest posts in your blog, unless you know or possess trust in the person offering, or at least you could nofollow any links from the content going out. This way it would look more natural in the eyes of Google and hence will not harm your site.

Final Touch-Up: Site Owners
  • NOFOLLOW any link going out from the guest post – if the post is of good quality, it will send direct traffic to the page where the guest blogger wanted.
  • Know the person who is writing or do some research to find out who you are dealing with.
  • If it is a guest post, always label or categorize it under Guest Post (it’s easier to delete if problem arises afterwards) so that it looks well set up and organized.
  • Check the landing page often to make sure it’s the same when published first.
  • Allow high quality guest posts from reliable writers only at a set time-frame (don’t often publish Guest Posts on your site so that it looks spammy and unnatural)
  • Allow articles that are only relevant to your sites theme and reader’s interest and make sure any link pointing out takes visitors to a page with similar taste.
Final Touch-Up: Guest Bloggers/Posters
  • Avoid posting in low quality sites that are only built to publish guest or paid posts
  • Target only relevant and high quality blogs in your niche for the purpose
  • Do not always go after Dofollow links where a Nofollow can play a safer role
  • Know about the owner of the site where you plan to post & try to build up a solid rock relationship with your top notch contribution as long as you can
  • Write articles thinking of the blog’s readers and link back to a similar topic page
  • Do not try to bribe the owner or push if  he/she doesn’t allow paid articles
You guys must have already started thinking that Guest Blogging is way gone now, but let me pacify saying that Guest Blogging & SEO are still a match made in heaven, if done effectively.

If you’re still in doubt, I guess you got to check out some videos and see what Matt Cutts says about Guest Blogging:
freelancer alamin chowdhury
About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter l Facebook l Google+ and Youtube

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  2. Now a days every seo expert or internet marketer needs to know about end of spam guest posting.I got necessary information about this article. I also saw that some client wants to know about guest post and they directly asked what is matt cutts say? If any body reading this post they will got their answer. thanks to every body

  3. Alamin, it is exactly you said here and we all know the relevancy is the best thing in SEO and it will give you its worth and if you do it in a wrong way you will lose your credibility. Guest blogging is the same way but with the passage of time people are creating it in a spam way and not generating content that is relevant to the site they are posting also their content is not of good quality and while trying to post content they did not keep in mind about the quality and PR of the site.

  4. Thanks Alamin Vai, for the great stuff. I completely agree with you, just some tricks makes guest blogging still helpful for better SEO.

    1. It is indeed. Works really good if done with with proper care & effectively

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  6. This is actually very informative article. Got many important idea from it. Thanks for sharing and hope such types of post in future.

  7. Important issues are it is not the time for spammers,its the time for the knowledgeable SEO guy.And another is an author of blogger should have review of guest blogger,even it is better if the author knows him.And stay away from bribing the author.

  8. May be it's time we realized the value of proper guest blogging/posting. I think authentic guest bloggers have nothing to worry, scopes are still there. Sir, I really appreciate that you have came up with such a serious issue. Thnx!

  9. After reading this article my confusion about "guest blogging existence" is clear. Now I know guest blogging is allowed if there is no spamming and there is a relevancy in back linking.
    I think if any guest blog is written in a proper way, it will work as before.

  10. It always’s need to know Guest Blogging for me. Your information is very helpful to me.
    Thanks for your interesting article.

  11. Thank You sir for your nice opinion. As SEO trainee, it is important to know about Spam and and without proper identifying the link or post, we should not allow it to our blog. Before allowing any link to our blog a review team should check it whether its related to our blog them and its content.

  12. It is a good article to know about Guest Blogging. From this article I have got clear idea about Guest Blogging that What to do and what not to do. It is really helpful article for us who would like to build their career in SEO field.

  13. Before this article I taught guest blogging is no longer valuable in SEO. But now i know the proper way of guest blogging after reading this article. So bad news for spammer and thanks to Alamin sir

  14. It's a relevant article for search engine optimizer.I think it may play crucial role to mitigate confusion about guest posting.Thank you Sir,for writing this issue.Well done,keep going...........

  15. This article will be very helpful for those who want to work as guest blogger. Moreover they will be more aware of spamming or irrelevant back-linking. Now it is quite clear that either write quality article and make proper linking or get penalty by Google.

  16. Relevancy is the key point in the regards of guest blogging, so I think its a better article for the traffics increased. I like it for better relevancy with the article.

  17. yes it is exactly right u said, due to spamming we should avoid low quality guest blog site to get backlink . And for perfect result related content backlink is important. Content poster must have to be trusted by site owner.

  18. I will follow these article for SEO.For guest blogging is need to link building practice. It's most important for the post blogging to approved other article website. I'll get enough response if i following this article.

  19. Form your article I think that the guest blogging issue is not dead at all. There are many low quality free guest blogging sites who does not maintain relevancy of posting. So we should avoid those sites and write relevant articles for submitting top guest blogging sites that will be applicable for the guest blogging authority.

    1. I am sorry to say that the 1st word of my above comment form will be convert into from.

  20. Support your views Alamin sir. Guest blogging will be an effective tool for SEO if the post is a good with introduction of the author and the blog having quality , unique, user-friendly content. Google will always reward those blogs with higher ranking.

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  22. It's not only 'The End Of Spam Guest Posting' but also the end of all guest posting as well. It's unexpected to us. Thank you for your conscious writing as it's a contemporary issue.

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  25. I don't think so because guest blogging is still popular in some blogging platform. Though you have provided enough logic behind your opinion but the truth is beyond it. The necessity of such blogging system will revive until the blogging platform will exist. Thanks

  26. No. Guest blogging is not dead at all. It still has effect in SEO. Though It becomes a little bit tough for the continuous change of the roles of Google guest blogging works nicely in SEO Field.

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  28. Spam guest blogging is a bat practice of SEO. Now i have to know, how to guest blogging in other website. So, sir thank you for your nice article share.

  29. Guest blogging is the process by which I can get more traffic for my blogs. You told that Guest blogging is not the end issue at all. I one can write unique article for relevant blogs than it will be helpful for his blogs or website. There are many low quality free guest blogging sites who does not maintain relevancy of posting. So we should avoid those sites and write relevant articles for submitting top guest blogging sites that will be applicable for the guest blogging authority

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