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Monday, May 19, 2014

Freelancer Abdul Malek - Age Is Nothing, But A Number

md abdul malek
Md.Abdul Malek - a 45 years old man from Bhola. He leads a normal life just like any other except that he is diligent and creative enough to prove that age is nothing, but a number. Learning new things is his hobby that makes him a professional online marketer in the field of SEO, SMM & Affiliate Marketing. He is greatly inspired by his son and always like to share newly learned stuffs with him.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Freelancer Joy Sarkar - An Inspiration for the Novices

freelancer joy sarkar
Joy Sarkar (Shwapno), an ambitious 20 years old lad from Chittagong. He is one of the youngest members of the Freelance Outsourcing community in Bangladesh. With eyes full of dreams, Joy Sarkar has proved his skills by winning this year’s BASIS OUTSOURCING AWARD 2014 from district category. Starting his online career as a Search Engine Optimizer, he has soon comprehended the industry changes and has developed himself to what he is best at. Currently he is working as an ASO (Apps Store Optimizer) for few companies and if I am not wrong – the youngest in this domain. Without taking it further, let us find what he has got to say for our readers in this interview

joy sarkar with parents

1. How and when did you start freelance outsourcing? What was the first step?

Joy Sarkar: Actually it was quite dramatic. I had a keen interest to know & see how to earn money from the internet. In the beginning I thought it may be easy to earn money from internet, but I realized it later that this is not an easy job basically for an inexperienced guy like me. Anyway, I started my journey in the year 2010. I started my job at Microworkers, then after 7 months I got my first job as web researcher on and from that point I have started my work with full fervor.

2. Did you ever take any training on how to do freelance outsourcing?

Joy Sarkar: Yes,but it had given me just a basic idea and nothing practical. Self-study was my only arsenal.

3. How are your rates determined? Do you have an hourly rate? Or do you quote on the basis of assignments? Do you work in lower price or stick with your best price?

Joy Sarkar: I determine my rate according to the requirement of the projects. Yes, I prefer to work based on hourly rate. I always try to provide quality service to my clients. My minimum hourly rate is $20, but usually it varies. I mean, I determine the rate according to the project budget.  Although I work for fixed price projects, but I give more priority to hourly projects. No, I don’t prefer to work in lower rate because I believe in quality task, so clients should pay higher for better-quality service.

joy sarkar basis awarded freelancer

4. How do you bring the money to Bangladesh? Are there several ways? Any preferred mode? Why?

Joy Sarkar: I get my money in different ways. As I have several clients of different countries, I bring my money by online money transfer services. Usually I use Moneybookers/Skrill & Neteller. I have a MasterCard too but I use it when needed. Sometimes I use oDesk wire transfer method too. As we do not have permission to use Paypal, so I prefer to use Moneybookers/Skrill. It is secure & I can withdraw my money anytime.

5. Are such platforms as oDesk, Freelancer, Elance absolutely necessary? Why?

Joy Sarkar: Yes, certainly. These marketplaces are really essential for all freelancers because the majority percent of freelancers are somehow engaged with these platforms. Clients can outsource their contractors & hire them easily. Contractors can also deal with their clients, so it’s a definite match-making platform that needs to exist. One the other hand these platforms are also essential for newbie freelancers because without any market place they won’t get clients easily as it will be very hard for them to get overseas clients.

6. How many hours per month on average you used to work in the beginning and what about now?

Joy Sarkar: Actually I work randomly. I don’t maintain any specific time as it is freelancing. First time I worked around 60 hours per month. But now I have a lot of projects and usually working 45-50 hours weekly. So I work around 180-200 hours per month. 

7. Do you have any plan to help build up new freelancers in the section you are expert in? If ‘Yes’ then how and if ‘No’ then why not?

Joy Sarkar: Undoubtedly! Actually I do research & provide idea/theme, so it is an art. Anyway, my suggestion for newbies is: they have to be creative and they have to have SEO experience. On the other hand they have to know about the game/app market. So they should research it deeply, frequently and they have to be updated. Finally I would like to say that if someone wants to work in the section he/she has to have a great skill of market research.

joy sarkar basis award

8. What types of work you are currently doing for your clients? Be descriptive so our readers can understand your level of expertise.

Joy Sarkar: First I worked as a SEO guy. I’ve worked for a lot of SEO projects in the past 2 years. In the beginning I used to work in the Off-Page optimization part. Day by day I’ve changed my work strategy as well my style of work. I then started doing On-Page SEO, Website Audit, Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research, but after a certain period of time I had quit SEO.

Now I’m working in App Store Optimization (ASO) & Games business. I have several projects, but now I’m working with 2 game industries on permanent basis who are making 100+ iOS & Android games/apps monthly. I’m working as their ASO consultant & market researcher. I research each of their game/app & its market. I also research about targeted users, competitors & monitor them. They are actually making games/apps according to my theme or research work.

9. Tell us about some people who have been your inspiration in the field and how you got inspired by them?

Joy Sarkar: To be honest, I came in the field dramatically! My 1st inspiration was my friend Safayet and Tanmoy. Then I got the opportunity to meet some precious persons. Mr. +Ramkrishna Bhattacharjee is one of them - a sure great person who brought me in the field & showed me the real way, THANKS “DADA”. On the other hand I often followed a person, +Alamin Chowdhury – a man who doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to SEO or Online Marketing in Bangladesh. He is a great, kind and sophisticated person in the sector who always gives me inspiration. I’m also grateful to Mr. Jamal Uddin who was my first teacher in the field.

10. How do you think BASIS is helping the Freelance Outsourcing sector of the country?

Joy Sarkar: BASIS has taken a great footstep to disseminate the importance of freelancing. Every year they are giving awards to the best freelancers of the country from different domains. Such an awesome effort to inspire the all young freelancers & young generations is highly appreciated. For this, the young generation of the country are showing their interest & their creativity. As a result we are doing really great day by day in the Freelance Outsourcing sector.

11. What’s your monthly average income?

Joy Sarkar: As I said I’m working some with games/app making companies so they are paying me on a monthly basis. I also work for extra projects during my leisure time. Anyway, now I’m earning around $2000- $2500 monthly by the grace of the Almighty.
joy sarkar basis award 2014
12. How do you feel after winning the BASIS OUTSOURCING AWARD 2014 and what it means to you? How you are going to uphold the value of your recognition?

Joy Sarkar: Really it is a great achievement so far in my life. Getting the award means a lot to me and now I’m more confident than before. I think this is not just a prize or honour, but it is a reward of my hard work that I have put. To be honest, I am really inspired by the award and I’ve discovered myself newly.  I’m really grateful and thankful to BASIS.

However, after getting the prize now I think I’ve got a lot of responsibilities. Now I should work hard more than before & I want to keep hold the value of my recognition by my great work. My next target is really great so I want to achieve my next goal successfully. I’ve got a lot of inspiration so I think it will help me to reach my ambitions.

13. Tell us something about your academic background and accomplishments.

Joy Sarkar: Presently I’m a student. I passed my SSC in 2011 from Hazi Mohammad Mohsin Gov’t High, Chittagong & passed my HSC in 2013 from Hazera Taju University College, Chittagong. Now I am going to start working towards my graduation in Games Technology at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia.

14. What you wanted to be in the childhood?

Joy Sarkar: I had a lot of dreams in my childhood. I received my 1st computer in 2003 while I was reading in class 3. In childhood my aspiring dream was to be a Computer Engineer.

15.Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

Joy Sarkar: Now I’m a freelancer, but I want to be an entrepreneur. I’m planning to do business with Smartphone Apps & Games. I have a lot of plans for it, so I just want to start it as well I want to build up my brand. I will make virtual products so that people can use it easily from one place to another place. In the next, I’ll work hard for my business & I want to see myself reach the level where I want to be.

Watch Joy Sarkar receiving his BASIS OUTSOURCING AWARD 2014 from Honorable Minister of Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications, Abdul Latif Siddiqui.

Here is what Joy Sarkar has got to say about himself in short:
I consider myself a normal young man. I always love to work with different things that give me the creative edge and have always loved to do something new and different. I don’t prefer to follow hackneyed system but try to make a new logistical way. I love to play cricket and enjoy long journey by bus. I love to imagine and try to make them come true. I like to take challenges. I always love to work with my computer and I can’t think a day without my internet and my work.

Love the Way I Work! 
You can reach Joy Sarkar via his Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ or LinkedIn
About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter | Facebook | Google+ and Youtube

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How Does Earn Money

If you have missed watching that bulky guy wearing a green T-shirt & jeans showing the dance of his life, then I bet you certainly failed to spot a great funny video advertisement ever produced in Bangladesh. The reason he was so excited is because he could get some of his used personal and homely goods sold at a very expected price range. This is where some of our local classified advertisement sites like and others play a handy role in connecting the genuine sellers with the real buyers.

Though the goal of this article is to let you all know how sites like is generating their revenue, but I would also like to add my own personal thoughts based on my understanding.

google business group dhaka
A recent event  titled ‘The Latest in E-Commerce’, organized by GBG Dhaka in collaboration with BASIS, took place on Monday, March 31st, 2014, at BASIS Auditorium. The purpose of this event was to make people learn about the latest in E-commerce from the companies that are doing it Bangladesh. Companies like,,,, Payza Bangladesh,, Lamudi &, ,, and were represented by their individual and respective top level officials. There is no doubt saying these companies are currently the leading E-Commerce brands in Bangladesh, although their market entrance has only been for around a year or two maximum.


Each of the representatives of these companies were allotted a time-frame of 10-15 mins to let the audience know who they are, what they are doing, why they are in Bangladesh and lots of other queries with so many ‘W’s. Their mission, vision and future goals were all made clear to the audience sitting back in the auditorium. The whole atmosphere was jam-packed, motivational, inspiring and sky was not the only limit (so far I could get from their experience sharing).

What I personally noticed in the event was the people’s interest and zeal to know, how exactly is earning? This is not only a question anymore, but has become a matter of deep curiosity for all internet savvy people using such platforms. You must be wondering why I am so concerned about or what is there to cheer so much? Well there are definitely other companies to ‘WoW’ about, but we should not forget why and what we are here for?

Well if you look closely at a glance, there’s a lot to cheer about

  • It’s the first ever bilingual classified website in the country.
  • The top visited CL Ad site in Bangladesh (voted by Prothom Alo & Asia News 24)
  • Their mass promotion in TV, News and Digital Print Media along with online advertisement and high level of exposure due to E-Marketing has made them renowned all over the country within a very short period of time.
So how does earn money or generate revenue or is even planning to? This question remained unanswered to all of us until Eshita Sharmin (Marketing Manager) and Martin Malmstrom (Head of Bikroy) finally disclosed that has now brought Banner Advertisement Model for the advertisers. This will simply allow potential Advertisers to promote their Brands and reach millions of targeted audience. To know more about how they are doing it, you can take a look at their advertisement page which surely looks like as you see in the picture here.

I have also attached another image to show how big a brand like KSRM (Kabir Steel – steel manufacturing organization belonging to Kabir Group of Industries) has just started to advertise their brand on this big platform. This is just the start and in a few days we all would see more big fishes being added to the pipeline. 

So after two years of massive advertisement via every possible marketing channel, the company now would see money coming in. But why would someone or any local brand like to advertise through The only legit answer is because of their huge active users and member base.

Still have a doubt? Well you gotta then go for an ad campaign to try out and see how your customers grow if you think I am just kidding.

In a recent survey, it was found that the customer engagement ratio towards is almost 77%. As a result the company will introduce their own mobile app soon so that people can even buy and sell products using their cell phone.

If you are a regular visitor of the site then you must have noticed by now that they have started showing Google Adsense Ads in their site. The image below will help you to see how relevant Ads from the network are being served based on the content of the page.


Now if you are a genuine Google Adsense Publisher or at least have the idea on how it works, then you better have calculated how much the site have the potential to make from this Ad Network channel from the impressions and visitor’s click. Simple as that.

I believe it’s now clear to you that how has started their money making journey after investing for over a year and a half. To my knowledge, by the next couple of months or so they are unquestionably going to apply all those earning or revenue generating models that are being well practiced by other top level classified advertisement sites.


Hope I could at least convey you this message so you guys don’t have any second thoughts in mind. Queries will keep coming, but for now it’s how they are going. So far we had no clue on how they were really dealing, but now at least we can say that they are up to something which we can well comprehend. Here you will find the complete event agenda which was sponsored by UNIFOX

A panel discussion took place and was moderated by the President of BASIS, +Shameem Ahsan (CEO of, along with +Fahim Mashroor (CEO of and others. Different questions were thrown to the panelist from the audience and they were all answered by respective domain experts.
About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter l Facebook l Google+ and Youtube

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BITM Practical Seo Training 3rd Batch

BITM has been trying to develop more IT skilled professionals by offering different courses in various domains. The Training Program on Practical Search Engine Optimization 3rd Batch has just been completed recently. The 3rd batch started on December 20th 2013 that ended on 8th February 2013 successfully. This was again a positive attempt taken by BITM to create more skilled workforce in the field of Search Engine Optimization in Bangladesh.


Participants of the 3rd batch were all passionate about learning SEO, with eyes full of dreams, curious minded, partly experienced in the domain, talented and mind full of SEO related queries. It was truly an honor for me being the mentor of this wonderful group of upcoming SEO fighters. The whole batch was jam-packed, electrifying, eyebrow raising and fun loving. Their queries really made me feel how much eagerness each of them had to know every nuts and bits about the ongoing SEO strategies and recent changes. The total class session was completed in 16 classes with an extra class taken upon request.

Most of the participants had a bit of prior SEO knowledge and some of them were already working in Marketplaces like and oDesk. Their main goal for participating in this training was to review their skill and knowledge and to follow up with the way things are happening now. This will not only enhance their confidence, but will also help them build a more professional and updated profile and portfolio in those Marketplaces in the section of SEO. Few of the participants were running their own sites and their main aim too was to learn how well they can market their content and make a good income out of their blog. The rest of the candidates were all of general level, but has now certainly got the whole idea clear about what SEO is and how it works, and how they can start earning money doing effective SEO for their own sites.


A special initiative was taken by me to enhance self-branding and to let the participants understand how important it is and will be in the future for their online presence and exposure. I am quite happy to say that almost more than half of the students of this batch has purchased a domain in their own name and have started running their personal sites/blogs. I thank to everyone who responded to my call and took the opportunity at the right time. Hope with these personal blogs/sites they would be able to market themselves, their business, services, products that will certainly take them to an authority level in the near future.


Participants of the 3rd batch has provided their feedback about the training that again has proved that BITM’s challenge of building professional Internet/Online Marketers has been a successful endeavor up until now. Let us take a short look at some of the participant’s feedback and what they had to say regarding the overall training session….


Student’s Feedback:

Here are some special and unforgettable moments from the last class that will surely keep us bonded through the rest of our lives.



Thank You BITM and all the 3rd batch participants for their love, well wishes & support. I am truly honored by the respect you all have shown me in our official Last Class Masti Bash.

NOTICE: BITM's upcoming 4th SEO batch classes will start from 20th February 2014. If you are interested to be part of this training then check the training details here - or you can confirm your seat by contacting me directly. Certificates will be provided to the students from BITM after completing the course and will be recommended and certified by the trainer himself.

About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter l Facebook l Google+ and Youtube

Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Blogging Is Dead – The End Of Spam Guest Posting

spam guest blogging dead
Before you start reading this article let me tell you something about it – It’s going to be a bit longer, will certainly cover up important and handy information and back to back expert’s opinions and thoughts about the issue. If you are a guest blogger or have been doing guest blogging for a while for the sole purpose of SEO or Link Building, it is time for a hard break.

If you hate Matt Cutts then you will hate him once more for saying guest blogging as a whole is now dead, on his personal blog. Certainly by that he meant guest blogging was a great and respectable link building practice for SEO purposes, but the SEO spammers have made it too spammy now and destroyed the space. He said, unless you know the person personally or willing to vouch for, only allow guest posts for/from them, but don’t response to offers from people you don’t know or who try to bribe you or contribute in any format. 

Here is the Matt Cutt's Tweet Snapshot:

matt cutts guest blogging

What I personally think is that there are still plenty of solid reasons one should go for guest blogging and these include branding, community, visibility and exposure, increased audience reach, etc. However, people whose link building strategy is only based on guest posting or blogging should stop now and think of coming with something more natural.

Why is Google after Guest Blogging?

As discussed above, there are plenty of spam and low quality sites who are on to this guest blogging as their sole link building practice for better rankings in Search Engine. Many spammy and manipulated attempts have been going on using guest blogging technique. This is why Google will now take action against hundreds of buyers, dozens of websites/blogs and low quality writers/bloggers. So what will happen to the small sites that are only earning by publishing guest posts (certainly paid for it or dofollow link exchange)? 
end of guest blogging

Well, so far my knowledge Google is just trying to remove that potential income stream on which these sites were relied upon and to diminish their visibility in the search engine results. Therefore, according to Google - guest post link spamming is a terrible activity because it is an attempt to influence search rankings.

Let us look at a terrible example:

guest blogging dead
A few months back a guy emailed me saying my blog’s topic matches with his and he wants to write up a unique guest post on my blog. He added that the article will be about my blog’s reader’s interest, but he would just need a Dofollow link pointing back to one of his article pages. I denied. He replied back offering 30$ for the article, I thought what’s bad in the deal ….. He gave me the article copy with the link inside and I just published it. I waited a few months until I saw my readers commenting that the link inside the article was taking them to an adult page where they should not have landed. I immediately checked and found that the landing page has been changed to something you don’t really want your loyal visitors to visit. 

What to do now? Nothing… because the damage to my site is done. From here, I learned a lesson that all links from guest posting should be made Nofollow unless the author is someone known to me or could be clearly trusted.

+Alamin Chowdhury's take on the issue:

alamin chowdhury
Frankly speaking, this is just a form of advertisement that happens in an agreement between one site and the other. But still, sometimes seeing all those crappy sites occupying the top positions in the search results, I get to think if Google’s algorithm can really differentiate between paid links and real ones. The way I see it now, in the near future, backlinks will certainly lose its value, which are not obtained naturally, and people even won’t pay for them anyway. The reason I am telling this is that Russia’s popular search engine Yandex has removed links as a ranking factor from their algorithm. Due to massive link spamming, the company had to make this decision. The cause guest posting won’t work the same way it used to is because companies are trying to guest post on unrelated blogs.

My best advice would be not to accept guest posts in your blog, unless you know or possess trust in the person offering, or at least you could nofollow any links from the content going out. This way it would look more natural in the eyes of Google and hence will not harm your site.

Final Touch-Up: Site Owners
  • NOFOLLOW any link going out from the guest post – if the post is of good quality, it will send direct traffic to the page where the guest blogger wanted.
  • Know the person who is writing or do some research to find out who you are dealing with.
  • If it is a guest post, always label or categorize it under Guest Post (it’s easier to delete if problem arises afterwards) so that it looks well set up and organized.
  • Check the landing page often to make sure it’s the same when published first.
  • Allow high quality guest posts from reliable writers only at a set time-frame (don’t often publish Guest Posts on your site so that it looks spammy and unnatural)
  • Allow articles that are only relevant to your sites theme and reader’s interest and make sure any link pointing out takes visitors to a page with similar taste.
Final Touch-Up: Guest Bloggers/Posters
  • Avoid posting in low quality sites that are only built to publish guest or paid posts
  • Target only relevant and high quality blogs in your niche for the purpose
  • Do not always go after Dofollow links where a Nofollow can play a safer role
  • Know about the owner of the site where you plan to post & try to build up a solid rock relationship with your top notch contribution as long as you can
  • Write articles thinking of the blog’s readers and link back to a similar topic page
  • Do not try to bribe the owner or push if  he/she doesn’t allow paid articles
You guys must have already started thinking that Guest Blogging is way gone now, but let me pacify saying that Guest Blogging & SEO are still a match made in heaven, if done effectively.

If you’re still in doubt, I guess you got to check out some videos and see what Matt Cutts says about Guest Blogging:
freelancer alamin chowdhury
About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter l Facebook l Google+ and Youtube

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BASIS & NSDC Will Jointly Work To Increase More IT Professionals In Bangladesh

alamin chowdhury in basis meeting
Mr. Jiban Kumar Chowdhury, CEO of National Skills Development Council (NSDC) has recently visited BASIS on 30th December 2013. An important meeting took place at the BASIS Board Room during his visit. The meeting started under the supervision of the BASIS President Shameem Ahsan. Mr. Russell T Ahmed, Secretary General, BASIS, Mr. Mahboob Zaman, managing Director, Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Ltd., Mr. Shafquat Haider, Director, FBCCI, Mr. Nazim Farhan Chowdhury, Director, Graphicpeople, Mr. Imtiaz Illahi, Managing Director, Graphicpeople, Mr. AKM Ahmedul Islam, General Manager, ServicEngine Ltd. BASIS Award Winning Individual Freelancer & BITM’s SEO Course mentor - Mohammad Alamin Chowdhury, and ILO representatives were also present in the meeting.

An exclusive presentation on BITM’s future goals, plans, targets and so far achievements was demonstrated. A presentation was made on BITM in this meeting. Alongside, Datasoft, Graphicpeople and ServicEngine gave a brief presentation on their respective companies highlighting their in-house training programs for their employees. Mr. +Alamin Chowdhury discussed about his freelancing career, achievements, knowledge and experience and highlighted some important plans that can be taken to help grow a skilled workforce for the Freelance Outsourcing Industry of Bangladesh.

alamin chowdhury basis meeting
Alamin Chowdhury with NSDC CEO Jiban Kumar Chowdhury &  BASIS President Shameem Ahsan
CEO of NSDC urged to BASIS members who have their own training facilities to provide training for unemployed young people so that they can be skilled workforce for the industry. Besides, he requested BASIS and all other IT associations to strengthen the Industry Skills Council (ISC) to properly address the need and aspirations of the industry.

Original News Source - BASIS-NSDC Meeting

alamin chowdhury
About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter l Facebook l Google+ and Youtube

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Google Search Algorithm Major Updates & Changes 2013 - Infographic

google algorithm updates 2013
With the advent of the New Year (2014), E2M has brought to us a great infographic with the most significant updates to Google's algorithm in the year 2013.

Let's recall and brush up our minds with the top changes that has to some extent shook the SEO community.

Dear readers, if you want to discuss or share your views regarding any of the points from the inforgraph then comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible with my personal feedback.

Thank You
Happy New Year!!!

Google Search Algorithm Updates 2013

Courtesy of: E2M Solutions
About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter l Facebook l Google+ and Youtube

Thursday, December 26, 2013

BITM Practical Seo Training 2nd Batch

As part of BITM’s endeavor to assist existing freelancers and newbie’s to start their freelance outsourcing career in the field of Search Engine Optimization, our 2nd batch of the Practical Search Engine Optimization Training Program has just got over successfully. The training program started on 6th November 2013 that ended on 18th December 2013.

The 2nd batch was too jam-packed with interested participants like the BITM Practical Seo Training 1st Batch and it was truly an honor and privilege for me being the mentor. The session was arranged to cover up basic and advance level Seo knowledge both practically and theoretically. Professional working strategy ideas, in depth discussion and individual participant’s queries kept the complete training session full of excitement, joy and eagerness to learn more.

seo training bd participants

Participants though coming from different working sectors did not find it hard to get familiar with the SEO concepts which I believe will not only help them with their professional works, but will also aid them to brand their own identities. Their compassionate participation has made the overall training session upbeat and successful. I strongly believe that the information shared and provided through this training will undoubtedly help the participants to build up their freelance career as a blogger or search engine optimizer in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

advance seo training bangladesh

Participants of 2nd batch has put their individual feedback which will not only help (BITM & myself as the lecturer) develop the upcoming Seo Training batches, but will also leave positive marks for all about the value and accomplishment of BITM's plan to build educated professionals in the IT sector of Bangladesh.

Student's Feedback:

bangladesh advance seo training

I hence would like to share with you all some of the unforgettable moments that we have passed together which will aid us to be bonded and make us all realize that together we can achieve our dreams.

Click here to see rest of the photos: 
BITM - Practical SEO Training Photos (2nd Batch)

Thank You BITM & special thanks to all my 2nd batch students.

BITM's 4th SEO Batch is starting soon from 19th January 2014 and the last date of registration is 15th January 2014. Click here to know more: Practical SEO Training (4th Batch).

About The Author: Alamin Chowdhury 
Alamin Chowdhury is an avid blogger and Internet Marketing Professional from Bangladesh. He is one of the top BASIS Award Winning Freelancers in Bangladesh in the field of SEO & Content Development. To know more, you can follow him @ Twitter l Facebook l Google+ and Youtube

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